Providing the world with
MADE IN JAPAN quality.

In 2013, traditional Japanese food(WASHOKU)was registered with UNESCO.
At Century, we aspire to show the culture and traditions of Japanese ceramics and design to the world,
demonstrating the combinations that can be created with traditional Japanese dishes.
Our designs are inspired by the nature, displaying the beauty of the seasons.
Legendary artist Kitaouji Rosanjin once said, “A good dish on the right plate is like a beauty in a kimono.”
This is what the craftsmen of Japan would always remember.
Our goal is to show the world our passion,
products and designs that will make everyone a fan of Washoku, traditional Japanese cuisine.

‘Shun’ is the Japanese sense of the best timing to enjoy fresh ingredients.


The largest tableware showroom in Japan
with over 40,000 items.

Our showroom is the largest in Japan, displaying over 40,000 products which include
oriental & European porcelain, Japanese lacquer, glass and woodenware.
You can have a hands-on experience here and compare the actual products.

A cutting edge test kitchen is installed as a base for disseminating various information about current food culture.

It is the one and only realistic full-scaled test kitchen in Japan - a 9-seat counter allows you to select products as you wish with a clear mind, uniting tableware and space as one scene, and by fusing with the latest projection technology that introduce the four seasons of Japan, it can also work as a base of disseminating information about current food culture.

Our quality is endorsed by
the Imperial Household Agency
and Japanese Embassies around the globe.

Century and its high quality products are recognized globally and we are a registered supplier of every Japanese embassies around the world.
We are the proud supplier of the Imperial Household Agency, Japanese embassy in Denmark , France and China, and many others.

We are a wholesaler that understands
trading conditions of individual countries
and have detailed knowledge of customers’ needs.

The preference for Japanese food is different around the world.
We fully understand the importance of localization and optimization.

We uphold the craftsmanship and
traditional techniques
that are passed down since our establishment in 1887.

Our team of craftsmen continue to innovate every day and create high quality products.
MADE IN JAPAN products are loved all over the world because they come with traditions and history.

You are welcomed to visit our factory at our headquarter
in Gifu prefecture.

Factory tours are available at our factory based in Mino,
a major region for the ceramics industry in Japan that is home to
approximately 50% of the national production.



CENTURY’S Japanese tableware is now supporting
in 24 countries and regions.

Localized for Japanese restaurants and hotels to cater the different
cultures and customs around the world.


Information about exhibitions in Japan and overseas.